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"All our dreams come true, if we have the courage to pursue them". It is a quote that Genny Miliano lives by. Born and raised in New York City, a showbiz capital in its own right, Genny knew from a very young age that in the bright city lights was where she wanted her name and her face to be seen. In grade school, Miliano was one of those kids that would involve herself with anything that had to do with entertainment, from Pageants to Musicals.
By her late teens, Genny started to notice the difference between herself and the other female models that she worked with. She was a size 12 and the other models were half that size, and she was also packing much more curves in the hips and waist than the other girls. Genny did not let the fact that she was a plus size model stop her stride. She embraced her curves and continued in the pursuit of her dreams.  
Miliano has appeared several times in Seventeen magazine, Glamour magazine. She has also appeared in Mujeres De Hoy on Telemundo and on's fashion web-series The Thread. She has also worked on Music Videos, Fashion Shows and in Hair and Skin care Print Ads.
Genny Miliano is on a mission to take the Fashion Universe by storm. She is a one of a kind lady, with a one of a kind personality and look. Miliano is not your average plus size model, in fact the word average could never be used when describing such a person as Genny.
She is an original, and when given the opportunity she can make magic happen in front of a Camera or on a Runway like no one else.
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